The law in England and Wales states that if you own or operate a building, you are responsible for its Fire Safety.

Essentially any property (other than non-communal private housing) requires regular checks to ensure in the event of a fire, that the building is secure enough to slow/prevent the spread of smoke and fire to both minimise damage and provide more time for people to safely evacuate via crucial escape routes.

Whether you manage housing blocks, offices, or any other communal or commercial property, there is a legal obligation to ensure compliance and reduce the risk from fire.

Fire risk assessments are crucial in keeping a property safe.

Fire risk assessments are crucial in keeping a property safe, but they do not include a comprehensive evaluation of fire doors. This is where we come in.

At Purco Fire, we provide Fire Door Surveys to Essex and the South East. If you manage blocks of flats or housing with multiple occupants, office buildings and other shared spaces, Purco Fire has you covered. Please contact us for a consultation or to book a fire door survey.